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What if the next time you opened your Bible, your commentaries flew off the shelf, opened to the right page, and settled down on the desk in front of you? What if you could just tap a word in your Bible, and instantly see the Greek or Hebrew word it translates? Then, seconds later, you’re looking at everywhere else that word is used in the Bible—all without leaving your favorite English translation.

If you’re at all familiar with Logos Bible Software, then you already know that this is exactly what it’s like to study with Logos. (Without the danger of flying books.)

With the new and improved Logos Cloud, that same level of in-depth Bible study is more accessible than ever. Monthly plans start as low as $8.99 a month, and you can get started for free—no commitment and no strings attached.

Here’s a rundown of what to expect with the new Logos Cloud, and why you should start your free trial today.

Study whenever and wherever you want

With Logos Cloud, you have instant access to everything you need to prepare your next sermon or Bible study, wherever you go. The Logos Web App puts some of Logos’ most powerful tools, right in your web browser. You don’t need to download a thing. Just sign up for your free trial, hop into the Web App, and dig into the Word. You’ll find many of the powerful Bible study tools that have made Logos a go-to resource for pastors and scholars for over 25 years. And we’re constantly updating the Web App to create a more and more powerful online Bible study experience.

Dig into a robust library of trusted resources

With your Logos Cloud subscription, an entire digital library is ready and waiting—all you need is an internet connection. We’ve partnered with the leading names in Christian publishing to include a trustworthy Bible study library with every level of Logos Cloud. You get everything from inspiring devotionals to rigorous biblical scholarship—all at a low monthly price.

If you’re at all familiar with our Logos 7 base packages, then you know that our libraries include some of the most authoritative and celebrated biblical resources available. When it came time to create new libraries for Logos Cloud, we wanted to provide that same level of scholarly excellence on a monthly subscription. That’s why the same libraries included in Logos 7 base packages are now available in Logos Cloud subscriptions.

See what’s included in Logos Cloud libraries.

Take your Bible study deeper than ever

Understanding the Bible is about seeing the connections.

Where else does Paul talk about the death of Jesus? What’s that Greek word and what does it mean? What do your favorite Christian authors have to say about this?

Logos Cloud has already made many of those connections for you.

The Logos team has gone through the entire Bible—in Greek, Hebrew, and English—and tagged every word with essential information. They’ve tracked biblical themes and people and places and things and connected them to passages in trusted biblical resources that explore them.

That means you can search your entire library for a word or concept, and find just what you need. Say you run across an unfamiliar biblical place. Just run a quick search in the Factbook, and Logos scours a database of thousands of biblical places. It gathers a short description, biblical events that occurred there, every time it is mentioned in the Bible, links to resources, maps, illustrations, and more. Whatever you have in your library that’s relevant, you’ll find here.

The same goes for people, events, cultural concepts, phrases, things—pretty much anything you’d want to find in your library or Bible, Logos has catalogued it.

Get started for free

Perhaps best of all, Logos Cloud subscriptions start at just $8.99 a month. And you can get started for free with a two-week, no-risk trial. Try out the new Logos Cloud now for free.

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