How to Organize, Mark Up, and Visualize Any Passage

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Sometimes the best way to understand a passage is to illustrate it. With Canvas, you can drag words or phrases where you want them to create a visual outline of a passage or use a library of shapes to emphasize important aspects.

Is there a meaningful word in the passage? Add a card that provides insights based on the original languages. (You don’t even need to know Greek and Hebrew!) They automatically link to resources and tools inside Logos.

Mark up a passage. Create charts and diagrams summarizing a passage’s meaning. Change fonts, colors, style, and shapes to match your taste and your message. When you’re done, share your creation with others.

If you have the Logos desktop app, click here to open Canvas.


Canvas is available in Logos 8 Bronze and higher. Consider the Logos 8 Bronze package or the Logos 8 Full Feature Upgrade included in the Logos 8 Silver package and higher.

Learn more about using Canvas, or visit the Logos Help Center for more on how to get the most out of your Logos Bible Software.

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Written by Logos Staff