Learn to Use the Timeline in Logos 6

The Bible covers a staggering sweep of history. From the rise and fall of kingdoms to the intimate turmoil of families in desperate plights, Scripture tells it all. But that breadth also poses a challenge—how in the world do we keep track of all those people, events, and places?

When you branch into church history and theology, the problem only magnifies. It’s hard to remember who influenced whom, which theologian pioneered which doctrines, how schools of thought battled it out in the public arena, and which ideas came to define the worldview of their eras.

With the Timeline in Logos 6, you can explore thousands of years of history, search for specific events, jump from biblical events to relevant Factbook entries, and more. The Timeline covers more than 12,000 events and links them to passages in resources across your Logos library. Best of all, you can quickly see what other historical events occurred at the same time as biblical events, giving you a stronger grasp of the Bible’s historical and cultural context.

In this video, I’ll show you how the Timeline can do all that—I’ll even demonstrate how you can use it to track the development of philosophical, theological, and cultural ideas across the centuries.

Available in: package lineup_bronze and above

Explore history with these resources

  • The Timeline Collection: This collection was specially curated to power the Timeline. It’s full of Bible dictionaries, biographies, histories, and more, all carefully tagged so you can jump straight from an event to a relevant passage in your library.
  • International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: There are certain resource that no theological library is complete without—and this is one of them. The Logos edition of this standard reference work has been tagged for the Timeline, making it more valuable than ever.
  • A History of the First Christians: In the years following the completion of the New Testament, profound developments in the Christian church made an incalculable impact on 2,000 years of subsequent history. This survey of those early years will help you make sense of that pivotal era in history—and since it’s tagged for the Timeline, tracing the development of the early church is easier than ever.

If you want to use the Timeline right now, start by finding the base package that’s right for you.

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Todd Bishop
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Written by Todd Bishop
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