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5 Reasons You Should Get This Month’s Free Book Today!

As you may have heard, we partnered with Kay Arthur and Precept Ministries International to offer the immensely popular Precept Upon Precept® : Philippians absolutely free during the month of November!

Here are 5 reasons you should take advantage of this unprecedented offer right now.

This is the first time ever the Precept Upon Precept Bible Studies have been available in a digital format

For over 40 years Kay Arthur and Precept Ministries International have equipped Christians across the globe to uncover transformative truth through inductive Bible study. And now that Precept Upon Precept: Philippians and Jonah are available digitally, with the Logos app on your phone, tablet, or laptop, you can take your inductive Bible study anywhere.

Get the Logos edition of Philippians: How to Have Joy free today!

The unique Precepts highlighting system is built right into Logos

When you fire up your free digital copy of Precept Upon Precept: Philippians inside Logos, you’ll be able to start using Kay’s unique and helpful markup system right away!

kay arthur book free

And all your inductive notes will sync instantly across all your devices; notes and highlights you make on your phone will appear on your tablet and laptop, and vice-versa. You’ll get the riches of insight from Precepts’ inductive Bible study method combined with the power and features of Logos! 

Get the Logos edition of Philippians: How to Have Joy free today!

You’ll be challenged to grow and enriched personally and spiritually

The Precept Upon Precept Bible Studies help you discover in-depth, life-transforming truth, yet they’re easy to follow and only take about an hour a day. Not only will you pore over the text, chapter by chapter and verse by verse, you’ll put your spiritual life under the microscope with questions like:

  • How do I live the Christian life joyfully regardless of people or circumstances?
  • What is the purpose of suffering and the Christian perspective on death?
  • Do I have “the mind of Christ”?

Studying Philippians will leave you enlightened and filled with a joy the world cannot take away. Start exploring it today with your free copy of Philippians: How to Have Joy now!

There’s a second Precepts Bible study, and it’s only $0.99

During November, not only can you get Philippians: How to Have Joy absolutely free, but you can also get Jonah: Where Are You Going? for just $0.99. That means you’ll have two Precept Upon Precept Bible studies in digital format for the first-time ever, for less than a dollar.

What are you waiting for? Get both for $.99 now!

We’re hosting an online Bible study group in January for Philippians: How to Have Joy

The holidays are right around the corner, and as 2016 comes to a close many Christians start looking toward the new year, resolving to recommit to daily personal Bible study. But it can be tough to stay on track, especially when you’re going it alone. We want to help. That’s why we’re hosting a free online Bible study group in the new year.

Participants will walk through Philippians: How to Have Joy together, posting questions, comments, and encouragement to one another as everyone enjoy the shared experience. Just follow the Precept upon Precept: Philippians Faithlife group and you’ll receive a reminder in December before the group begins the study.

But the Philippians Bible study is only free during November, so get yours today!


Don’t miss this unprecedented chance to get two digital inductive Bible studies from Precepts Ministries International for just $.99! Get both now!

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