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The history and heritage of Christianity. Creeds and their critical role in the formation of the Church leading up to today. Bible versions and their dependability. Answering those who say Christianity is for fools and has no answers for the intellectual mind.

The newest releases from Lexham Press answer questions about these topics to equip you to know your faith, better engage your world, and confidently defend what you know is true.

Here are three books that will add a wealth of insight and scholarship to your library:

Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible
The King James Version has shaped the Church, our worship, and our mother tongue for over 400 years. But English has changed a great deal over the last 400 years—so what should we do with the KJV today?  In Authorized, Mark Ward shows what exclusive readers of the KJV are missing as they read God’s word and builds a case for the KJV translators’ view that English Bible translations should be readable by the common man.

The Apostles’ Creed: A Guide to the Ancient Catechism
Early church pastors and theologians use the Apostles’ Creed as the essential guide to the basics of the Christian life. From that time, it has united Christians and it proclaims eternal truths for life today. But what are those truths? Ben Myers reintroduces that creed. He shows us what about the Christian faith is so counter-cultural and what truths embedded in the Apostles’ Creed we’ve come to assume when really they should amaze us and earn our allegiance unto death.

Christianity Considered: A Guide for Skeptics and Seekers
Christians and non-Christians alike who want to understand the world as it is today have to understand Christianity too. Christianity makes objective claims but also presents a new way of thinking about the world. Theologian John Frame introduces the reader to the unique intellectual framework of Christianity, describing the key pillars of Christian thought and how these shape the Christian worldview. Christianity Considered is a valuable guide to understanding the Christian faith as an intellectual tradition.


Be sure to check out all of the excellent Lexham Press resources available.

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