Interested in being in documentary for Discovery Channel?

Are you interested in being on a T.V. show for the Discovery Channel called, ‘Ancient

This documentary series will take a serious lookinto the subject of Evil. The show will follow Adam Blai, an exorcist assistant for the CatholicChurch. Adam travels the world educating priests and others aboutdemonology. He is the only layman sanctioned by the church to do so.He also meets with various people throughout the world who feel thatthey may be experiencing demonic activity.

The show is looking for a young(25-35years old) inquisitive person who has some background, or realinterest in this subject matter. You must be willing take this journey withAdam to research both historical and more recent cases of possessionand infestation. You will be on camera and represent theeyes and ears of the audience.

You will need to have some background in religion andhave an open mind to the possibility that real demons may actuallyexist here on earth. Perhaps, you or a family member has had anexperience with this in the past. You could come from theworld of documentary filmmaking, journalism, psychology, theology,research or writing. Preferably you havealready worked in this space. You must be inquisitive,comfortable on camera, able to ask insightful questions and have atrue interest and desire to explore this subject matter.

If you are interested or know anyone who is please send

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