Identifying Repeated Terms in Biblical Narratives

The authors of the Old Testament used word repetition to emphasize key points in their writings, but this literary device is not always accessible to English readers.
In this video, Todd Bishop will show you an example of word repetition in a familiar Old Testament story, and then demonstrate how you can identify occurrences of this literary feature using the Word List tool in Logos 5. This tool enables you to build a list of words from a particular text or book of the Bible, and then sort your list according to frequency, making it easy to identify repeated terms. Logos even allows you to transform your word list into easy-to-memorize flash cards.

The word list tool comes standard with all Logos 5 base packages. As an added bonus, Logos has just released a free Greek and Hebrew Flashcards app, which allows you to stay on top of your vocabulary, even on the go. You can now generate a word list on your desktop and make that list available in the flashcards app.
With Logos 5 you’ll enjoy all-new features, such as Word Lists, Flashcards, and more. Get your custom upgrade price, and study with the most powerful tools.

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Todd Bishop
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Written by Todd Bishop
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