How to Set Your Preferred Bible Using the Go Box

Here’s a situation-specific question from a Logos user, but thought you may find it interesting:

I speak in various churches which of course have their preferred Bibles. As I prepare my sermons with Logos I like to use the Bible of choice for the church I’ll be visiting. Is there a way to change my Logos preferred Bible without having to revisit prioritized resources in the Library each time?

This is a power user question with the power user answer of: Yes! We can designate our preferred Bible with the Go box!

Give this a Go (pun intended):

  • Type this command in the Go box: set preferred Bible to LEB (A)
  • Select this line from the Tools section in the drop-down list: Set preferred Bible to The Lexham English Bible (B)

That’s it! You just changed your preferred Bible to the LEB. Obviously, you’ll use the appropriate abbreviation for your preferred Bible: NASB, KJV, NKJV, ESV, etc.

For more suggestions about Go box commands, check out your Logos Help resource.

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Written by
Morris Proctor

Morris Proctor (1961–2023) was a certified trainer for Logos Bible Software and founder of MP Seminars. Morris trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, and his team continues to provide many training materials.

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Written by Morris Proctor
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