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Find Daniel’s Contemporaries Fast Using the Logos Timeline Tool

Who were Daniel’s contemporaries? Did Habbakuk prophesy before or after Daniel? Our English Bibles are not arranged chronologically, so it can be difficult to keep track of which biblical characters were contemporaries or what events were happening when a particular book was written.

The Logos Timeline is here to help.

This interactive and integrated resource covers creation to modern-day, but it is more than a snapshot of people and events. You can enter a date (like 586 BC), quickly focus on a predefined era (like Babylonian captivity), or filter by subject matter (like biblical studies) or type (like time periods). You can even search for a specific word.

Start by opening the Timeline from the Tools menu. 

imaging showing how to find daniel's contemporaries using Logos

Narrow your search by clicking on the Fit drop-down menu. For example, to see Daniel’s contemporaries, click Babylonian Captivity.

imaging showing how to find daniel's contemporaries using Logos

The timeline will adjust and show all the events in the Bible at that time. 

Next, enter prophet in the filter box on the far right. Logos will display all the Old Testament prophets who ministered during Judah’s exile. Click any name, like Habakkuk,  to reveal options for further study. 

You can then right-click the timeline to share this display with others.

It’s that easy!

Learn more about the Timeline Tool, or try it in Logos


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Written by
Adam B. Shaeffer

Adam B. Shaeffer (PhD, Durham University) rarely had time for books until he discovered the fantasy novels on his dad's shelf at age 12; the rest is history. His primary research interests revolve around the interplay between theology and literature, attending to fiction's power to narrate theological insights through the thoughts and lives of imagined people and places. His poetry and fiction have appeared in *Jabberwocky,* *Resident Aliens,* and *This Mutant Life.*

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Written by Adam B. Shaeffer