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Interview with Dr. John Frame

frame_john_mJake and I had the opportunity the other day to sit down with Dr. John Frame of Reformed Theological Seminary – Orlando (RTS-O) and ask him several questions related to his writings and experience in the seminary environment. The interview revolved around two writings of Dr. Frame that I believe to be “must reads” for those in seminary or those thinking about it.

The first is a pamphlet Dr. Frame wrote at the request of the RTS-O admission department called, Learning at Jesus’ Feet: a Case for Seminary Training (free online). This is a phenomenal read for those thinking about attending seminary as it address many of the questions that are probably going through your head.

The second document is much older than the pamphlet. Written in 1972, Proposal for a New Seminary is an amazing work where Frame discusses the current seminary structure and suggests that there might be a better way. Since the original publishing date, Frame has added two postscripts to show how his thoughts have developed in relation to the original piece. This is a great read for all seminarians and some really good food for thought and discussion.

For the interview we asked Dr. Frame about these publication and a couple other seminary related questions. The interview is really great… and 17 minutes long… So, go grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever and get comfortable. There is a lot of gold in there.

The interview took place at the RTS-O chapel, so there is a little bit of an echo as the room was empty. Also, Dr. Frame is sitting in front of the organ… which he can totally jam on. For our last question we asked him if we’d play a little something for us and he most graciously agreed.

( videos are available at youtube, vimeo, and

Full Dr. John Frame Interview from on Vimeo.

This video is the teaser video we posted on youtube. It is Dr. Frame’s answer to our question about advice for current and future seminarians. It is covered in the longer interview, but I thought I’d post it here too in case anyone wanted to see it or grab the code to embed it somewhere else… like their blog (hint, hint).

Brief Biography of Dr. John Frame

(taken from Reformed Theological Seminary website)

Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy
Princeton University, A.B.
Westminster Theological Seminary, B.D.
Yale University, M.A., M.Phil.
Belhaven College, D.D.

Dr. John Frame serves as J.D. Trimble Chair of Systematic Theology and Philosophy at RTS – Orlando

An outstanding theologian, John Frame distinguished himself during 31 years on the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary, and was a founding faculty member of WTS California. He is best known for his prolific writings including ten volumes, a contributor to many books and reference volumes, as well as scholarly articles and magazines. Rev. Frame is a talented musician and discerning media critic who is deeply committed to the work of ministry and training pastors.

Selected Publications
Van Til, the Theologian (1976)
The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God (1987)
Medical Ethics (1988)
Perspectives on the Word of God (1990)
Evangelical Reunion (1991)
Apologetics to the Glory of God (1994)
Cornelius Van Til: An Analysis of his Thought (1995)
Worship in Spirit and Truth (1996)
Contemporary Music: a Biblical Defense (1997)
The Doctrine of God (2002)
Salvation Belongs to the Lord (2006)

Written by
Ryan Burns

Ryan Burns is a past Marketing Manager at Faithlife and now works at Redemption Hill Church in Richmond, VA.

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Written by Ryan Burns