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Find Your Preaching Voice with Help from Matt Chandler and J.D. Greear

When I was a seminary student, one of the hardest things I had to overcome was preaching class. Now, most people struggle with that particular course because of their fear of public speaking. Not me. I loved to give speeches in public—even as an introvert, speaking to a large crowd never phased me

My problem with preaching class was that I struggled to find my “voice.” Standing up at the front of the class, I always sounded like I was reading an exegetical paper rather than giving a call for sinners to seek Christ. While pulling together facts about the Bible and helping others to discover the context of a passage of scripture was easy, I sounded stale and detached.

One time, after a particularly brutal round of preaching, the professor let me in on a secret that unlocked my preaching voice: read the sermons of preachers who have preached on my text. I went home and scoured the web for sermons by John Piper, Tim Keller, and David Platt. Reading through them, I made notes of turns of phrase that they used and when and how they made illustrations. When I came back in the next week, I was able to inject my sermon with a bit of personality, spurred on by my “teachers from afar.”

Learn from the best

One of the ways Logos can help preachers find their own voices is to provide the insights of preachers both ancient and contemporary. Sermon Archives, in particular, are excellent additions to the budding or experienced pastor’s library. Recently, we put up two new collections on Pre-Pub that’ll show you how Christianity’s most gifted preachers expound the Bible.

J.D. Greear Sermon Archive: 2009–2015 (228 Sermons)

Get practical insight for applying the Word to your life with sermons from beloved pastor J.D. Greear. Famous for cutting through clichés, Greear combines a talent for interpreting the Bible with intuitive and deep understanding of how Christianity affects real people and everyday life. With this archive you’ll learn how to be an effective mission-minded Christian with sermons on texts throughout the Bible, including Exodus, 1 and 2 Samuel, Psalms, Isaiah, the Gospels, Acts, Ephesians, Revelation, and more.

Matt Chandler Sermon Archive (369 Sermons)

Matt Chandler has developed a worldwide reputation for insightful, expositional preaching that calls his hearers to action and application. He serves as lead pastor at The Village Church, in Flower Mound, Texas and president of the Acts 29 Network. Chandler’s impact among the Evangelical church is also evidenced by the popularity of his sermon podcasts and by his robust writing ministry, that includes the books The Explicit Gospel, Creature of the Word, The Mingling of Souls, and Recovering Redemption.

In addition to faithfully expounding each Scripture text in light of the person and work of Christ, Matt Chandler seeks to answer common objections to the message of the Bible. Since God’s word is a message for all people at all times, he preaches to a diverse audience, carefully relating the call to faithful obedience to men and women, young and old. His Reformed presentation of the Scriptures edifies and supports individual Christians and bolsters the preaching ministry of pastors and teachers tasked with encouraging and admonishing their congregations each week.

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Matt Chandler and J.D. Greear are known as engaging expositors of Scripture, and now, you can search their sermons for the right turn of phrase or perfect application of the message of the Bible to 21st century Christianity. Place your order on their archives today so that you can lock in your low price!

Get the J.D. Greear Sermon Archive and the Matt Chandler Sermon Archive today!

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Written by Daniel Motley