Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Dictionaries

Like any specialized field, theology and biblical studies have developed their own unique vocabularies. That terminology has been refined over thousands of years—and often familiar terms are used in unique ways. For instance, although the terms “dichotomy” and “trichotomy” can be used in a variety of contexts, in theology they have a very distinct meaning—namely, they identify two major views regarding the makeup of human beings. Trichotomists say human beings are comprised of body, soul, and spirit, while dichotomists argue for a two-fold distinction: soul/spirit and body.

If you were to run across those terms in a theological work, then turn to a standard dictionary for a definition, you wouldn’t get much help. This is just one example of the surprising importance of dictionaries for your Bible study. Specialized vocabulary requires specialized dictionaries. Logos makes using both standard and specialized dictionaries a seamless part of your workflow. In this video, one of our Logos Pros demonstrates the unique power of dictionaries in Logos.

Find the right dictionaries

If you own a Logos base package, you already have quite a few dictionaries in your library. But there are plenty other dictionaries out there, each fulfilling a unique need and focusing on specific aspects of theology, biblical studies, and church history.

  • Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church – Covering everything from theology, to Patristic scholarship and the church calendar, this indispensable resource gives you instant access to the unique terminology, customs, traditions, and denominations across the 2,000 year history of the church.
  • Zondervan Bible Reference Bundle – This bundles gives you six dictionaries, and a lot more. It’s a great way to infuse your library with high-quality reference works. And starting September 1, it will be on sale and Dynamically Priced. With Dynamic Pricing, you’ll only pay for resources that are new to you. Sign up for a reminder when this sale goes live.
  • The IVP Bible Dictionary Series – The editors of these unique reference works managed to pull together a broad range of articles helpful for everyone from scholars, to pastors and lay people. Distinctly evangelical, this dictionary is fully conversant with contemporary challenges both inside and outside the church.


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Written by Logos Staff
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