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Caleb’s Lamb: Book Alert

Available only at Reformation Heritage Books!Santos, Helen. Caleb’s Lamb. Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2007. 95 pp. $10.00.

I cannot call this a review so much as an alert. This book is an excellent tool to teach your children what substitutionary atonement is and how Christ’s death on the cross was foreshadowed in the book of Exodus. I would recommend this book for any child who can read, any child who enjoys being read to, and any person who is a parent or may become a parent.

Caleb’s Lamb is wonderful story about a young shepherd boy who did not want to be a shepherd. After losing a lambing ewe one night, Caleb must deal with the death of the ewe as well as the newborn lamb which lost its mother. Over the course of a year, we witness Caleb grow and mature into a fine young shepherd.

What makes this story so appealing is the reality of the lifestyle of a shepherd and the sometimes hard lessons that everyone learns in life. We are taken on a journey from immaturity to maturity and from no faith to faith. Perhaps the most appealing element to the story is that it is historical fiction. In other words, Caleb’s Lamb takes place in the time of Moses and can be traced in Exodus 1 through Exodus 12:36.

Reading the above mentioned portion of Exodus along with Caleb’s Lamb to your children during Family Worship will bring to life a passage of Scripture that all too often seems to be distant from today’s readers. This little book can be read numerous times and the reader, young or old, will glean something new every time.

Written by
Terry Delaney
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Written by Terry Delaney