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Providing challenging tools and methods that help you study the Bible is something Bible Study Magazine aims to do with each issue. Keeping this in mind, we created an “ideas issue”—one we hope will revolutionize the way you read and study the Bible. You’ll find old, perhaps forgotten ideas (lectio divina), ideas you’ve never heard of (Bible study type?), and ideas that have become common phrases and have lost their meaning (context is king).

Here are the “9 Ideas for Better Bible Study,” found in the May–June ’11 issue:

  1. Find Your Bible Study Method:
    The Bible isn’t boring, but does the way we study it make it seem that way? Columnist Johnny Cisneros considers several methods that help us thoughtfully engage the Bible.
  2. Breaking Down Your Bible Study Type:
    What’s your Bible study “type”? Are you the newbie or the planner? The nonconformist or the extrovert extreme? My contribution to the issue examines the habits or traits that hinder engagement with the Bible.
  3. Teaching Children Can Be Simple:
    Marty Machowski, a family life pastor and author of the family devotional Long Story Short, shows us how to make the Bible interesting and accessible to children.
  4. Group Bible Study Needs to Be Real:
    Think about small group interaction in a whole new way by reading Bill Craig’s article on REAL Bible study.
  5. Read the Bible as Inspired Scripture:
    Craig Broyles explains the context and purpose of a sacred reading of the Scriptures—or lectio divina. He addresses five steps: reading, meditating, prayer, contemplation and action.
  6. We’re Pretending to Incorporate the Holy Spirit:
    Editor-in-Chief John D. Barry asks, “Do we sometimes listen for what we want to hear?” That doesn’t work when we’re following a guide—especially when that guide is the Holy Spirit.
  7. Genres Define What We Read:
    Is the passage you’re currently reading historical narrative, Wisdom literature, law code, or an epistle? Columnist Eli Evans explains that it’s crucial to read with the right expectations of genre.
  8. Walk Like an Israelite:
    Context is king. You’ve heard it before. So much so, that it has become cliché. But Academic Editor Michael S. Heiser re-defines what that means—explaining that it’s “an issue of spiritual integrity.”
  9. Keeping Up with the Greeks: Nijay Gupta also addresses context by taking on the ancient Graeco-Roman world. He shows us why reading like an ancient reader can clarify and enrich passages.

That’s nine ideas that will make you look at the Bible differently, and an issue that—we think—is one of our best. We know we’ve been saying that on a bi-monthly basis, but we think you’ll agree that Bible Study Magazine just keeps getting better.


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