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An Easy Way to Learn about the Completion of Hezekiah’s Tunnel

Hezekiah’s tunnel, where archaeologists found an inscription describing the completion of the tunnel (source:

The work of archaeologists often overlaps with places, people, and events we read about in the Bible. Some of the evidence from the ancient world takes the form of inscriptions—writings etched into a hard surface, like stone, clay, or metal.

And with Logos Bible Software, you can explore many of these archaeological finds from the comfort of your own living room. 

The Ancient Inscriptions feature in Logos Bible Software opens a map of the ancient Near East and provides a list of key inscriptions. When you click on an inscription, the map zooms in to a location and highlights what was found there.

To open this feature in Logos, type “Ancient Inscriptions” in the Library (desktop or web app), and select it. 

Then choose from a list of inscriptions, like “Inscription from Hezekiah’s Tunnel.” In this screenshot, we learn how King Hezekiah of Judah built a tunnel to deliver water into Jerusalem (2 Kgs 2:20). 

Near one end of the tunnel, archaeologists in 1880 discovered part of an inscription written in ancient Hebrew. It contains about 100 words describing the completion of the tunnel. Clicking on the blue text in the floating information card takes us to the Factbook in Logos, providing further details and relevant Scripture passages.

Exploring these ancient inscriptions can help us discover where archaeological research converges with Bible study. These connections are especially insightful if you’re studying historical narratives in the Bible. 

Learn more about the Ancient Inscriptions feature in this video:


The Ancient Inscriptions feature is available in the Logos Starter Feature Upgrade and higher.

This post is adapted from the original article in the July/August edition of Bible Study Magazine.

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