Book Review: Busted by Fred Von Kamecke

Von Kamecke, Fred. Busted: Exposing Popular Myths about Christianity (Advanced Readers Copy). Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2009. 208 pp. $16.99.


Fred Von Kamecke is assistant pastor at The Chapel in Graslake, Illinois and an adjunct professor at Bethel College. He has also served as an adjunct at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) where he also received his PhD in New Testament theology and exegesis. He teaches in the area of New Testament studies.

Summary of Busted

Busted is divided into four sections dealing with various charges, by non-Christians, against Christianity. For the most part, those who bring these charges consider themselves to be open-minded (except when it comes to truth) and more intelligent than those who have faith. However, most who say the things in this book usually parrot the claims. In other words, they heard it once said that the Bible contradicts itself so they now say it even though they have never researched the claim and probably cannot give a specific example.

In the first section, myths about the Bible are tackled. The problem of having so many translations is dealt with along with the reliability of the gospels. Also in this section is a chapter on the validity of miracles.

The second section engages the various myths about Jesus Christ. Was He just another guru? Did He claim to be God or the Messiah? In answering these questions, the author also answers the attacks on the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

Myths about God is the subject of the third section. Subjects like relativism and the Trinity are dealt with in these chapters. Of particular note, the charge that Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same God is handled.

Finally, myths about the Christian faith in general are discussed in the fourth section. Dealing with the concept of orthodoxy and anti-Semitism can be found here. Also, perhaps one of the more common charges of worshipping God on a golf course or somewhere but church is handled.


The author does an excellent job of writing to his stated intended audience—the “average” Christian who has not gone to a Bible college or seminary and honest seekers of truth. Having personally studied apologetics in the past, this book makes for an excellent introduction to the field of philosophically defending the faith.

The scholarship in answering the charges is present but unlike many other introductory apologetic books, Busted is not dry. Fred von Kamecke has a wonderful sense of humor and is very candid in his answers. Reading this book is not like reading a text book. It is conversational in tone and is more representative of an actual conversation that would occur in the workplace or the supermarket.

Each chapter is divided into easily identified sections that show you where the author is directing the conversation. The Going Deeper section at the end of every chapter is nice in that he traces his research and enables the reader to get a head start for his own investigation.


Busted is an excellent introduction into the world of apologetics. This would be a great book to put in the hands of a Christian college student who will undoubtedly be presented with many of these “problems.” I would recommend this book to any Christian or anyone who is questioning the authenticity of the faith.

While many Bible college and seminary students will look at this book as too introductory, I think they would benefit from reading this book as much if not more than the younger Christian who will never enroll in a Bible class at a Bible college or seminary. Sometimes it helps the seminary trained student to learn how to relate to the everyday person rather than the philosophical discussions that abound in the classroom.

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Terry Delaney
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Written by Terry Delaney
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