You Have a Booger: 19 Times a Confidence Monitor Hilariously Saved the Day

When you’re onstage, you don’t see what the audience sees. It’s all bright lights and (hopefully) smiling faces. That’s why it helps to have someone in the sound booth who can discreetly tell you when your mic is off, or remind you about that important announcement you almost forgot to make.

Proclaim now lets you send special messages to the confidence monitor—a screen only visible to people on stage—so nobody has to wave their arms and try to catch your attention across the room when they need to tell you something.

This messaging feature was used hundreds of times in the first weekend, but some churches used it, well, differently, than others. While most people used the generic messages available in Proclaim—you know, things like “Slow down”—some churches sent some pretty hilarious custom messages.

The following messages were actually sent to confidence monitors in real churches. We’ve omitted names to protect their identities. We can only imagine the context.

“You have a booger”

While you probably wouldn’t notice it from the back of the room, nobody wants to be caught on stage with a booger. Good eye, tech guy.

“The drummer is falling asleep”

I just hope he or she wasn’t playing when this happened.

“Don’t screw this one up”

There’s nothing quite as motivating as fear of failure.

“Hey stop shouting!”

This really should’ve been ALL CAPS.

“John jacob jinglehiermer smith”

I hope this was a test.

“I need more cowbell!”

The tech person has a fever, and there’s only one prescription.

“Wrap it up I’m hungry”

Because telling someone how much time they have left is just boring.

“Wrong verse!!!!”

As the congregation frantically looks for Romans 18. . . .


That’s it. That’s the entire message. I just hope they remembered.

“[Name] your mic is off”

This is the part where the entire worship team awkwardly stares at [name] while continuing to play.


I imagine this tech person has been waiting a long time for a feature like this.

“[Name] this is a test to see if the message system works”

It does.

“Come closer”

I’m sure there was a totally not-creepy context for this.

“Sing louder”

Or maybe the tech person could just . . . turn up the volume? Hey, I’m just a blogger.

“You are all off”

There’s probably a nicer way to say this. Runner up message: “Let’s try to play on key.”

“Don’t forget to dismiss kids”

If you do forget though, the kids will probably let you know very bluntly.

“[Name], it’s 11:30”

Looks like somebody was running a little behind.

“The media guy is awesome”

Hey, sometimes you just have to pat yourself on the back now and then.

“[Name], check out new feature!!”

We’re really glad people are enjoying this feature, please just be sure that you share your excitement before the service starts.

“Try Proclaim free!”

Just kidding. That one was me. But seriously, you can experiment with confidence monitor messages yourself, and see how Proclaim helps your staff create meaningful presentations fast.
Download Proclaim and start your free trial.

Written by
Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson is a writer for OverviewBible, where he uses Logos to explore the characters, groups, places, and books of the Bible. He has served in a variety of volunteer ministry positions, primarily through Young Life.

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Written by Ryan Nelson
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