Spurgeon, Rogers, Mohler, and You: Standing on Tall Shoulders

Many of our most respected pastors spent decades curating their libraries, discovering hidden jewels, and finding the best ministry resources available.

Yet now you can get the same kind of robust library geared for your theological interests with a single click.

That’s because Logos 8 offers a variety of tradition-specific packages, and today, we’re highlighting our Baptist package.

Tons of resources, a fraction of the cost

With Logos 8 Baptist packages, you can get the leading Bible software and a world-class Baptist library—and save on average 90% compared to building your library book by book.

For example, here are just a fraction of the resources in Logos 8 Baptist Gold:

  • John MacArthur Sermon Archive (3,127 sermons) – originally $399.99
  • Mentor Commentary Series (16 vols.) – originally $369.99
  • Adrian Rogers Sermon Archive (1,925 sermons) – originally $349.99
  • Baptist History in America (16 vols.) – originally $162.99
  • Reading the New Testament Commentary Series (16 vols.) – originally $209.99
  • Seven volumes from Broadman & Holman Preaching Resources Collection – originally $131.93

If you bought these six collections separately, you’d spend $1,624.88. But in Logos 8 Baptist Gold, you get all these resources and hundreds more for only $1,549.99.

And with all these books in Logos, you have a Great Commission-focused library that goes to the ends of the earth with you—on your desktop and mobile. Whether you’re on the mission field, the classroom, or the parsonage, your books are always a click, swipe, or tap away.

New features in Logos

Not only do you get a distinctly Baptist library, you get powerful study tools to go with it, helping you dig below the surface. All-new Workflows are a great place to start for new Logos users, helping you dive into the Word so you can start applying biblical insights to your ministry right away. And with Baptist Gold, you’ll get 11 Workflows to help you do exegesis, prepare sermons, and study biblical topics, people, and places.

It’s not just Workflows that makes your Bible study better, though. You also get robust original language tools, Theology Guides to help you explore the origins and applications of specific doctrines, Sermon Starter Guides, and much more.

What people are saying about Logos 8 Baptist:

There are far too many outstanding features in Logos 8 to mention here but suffice it to say that using Logos 8 is like having several research assistants working with me and on my behalf every time I sit down to study. They find related information (that I may not even know I possess or would even think to look for) and organize it for me, putting it at my disposal every step of the way. . . . it earns 5 stars. — Bill A.

I was excited to get Gold! It was not a letdown. The new tools for sermon prep and Bible study are amazing and what I have been looking for. The new Dashboard is better than the old and easier to see what you need to see. — Thomas C.

The Greek and Hebrew search allows for the exegetical study of the intent even when the translation to English may use different words from the same original (Greek or Hebrew) text. I love the search power and cross-reference power Logos 8 offers. — Cliff C.

As a 25-year-plus user of the Logos Bible Software, I cannot imagine going back to the printed media. . . . I am currently using Logos 8 Silver Baptist with 1,375 resources that give me unbelievable study power. . . . If you are a teacher of the Bible then Logos is a must for you.
— Don W.

Logos 8 Baptist gives you rich resources from Baptists through the ages, plus powerful tools to carry it forward and minister God’s Word.

Learn more about our Baptist packages today.

Written by
Jennifer Grisham

Jennifer Grisham is Content Marketing Manager at Faithlife. She previously served on church staff as director of administration and managing editor and administrator for Doxology & Theology. Her work has been published by The Gospel Project and The Gospel Coalition, to name a few.

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Written by Jennifer Grisham