Does Archaeology Contradict the Gospels?

In Mark chapter 8, Jesus heals a blind man at a pool in Bethsaida. But what if no archaeological evidence for Bethsaida exists? Would you question the Gospels? Or what if first-century crucifixion practices weren’t actually how Scripture describes them?

Do we have to deny archaeology to trust the Bible, or vice versa?

Archaeology and Jesus investigates these matters and more. Featuring New Testament scholar Dr. Craig Evans and several top experts digging in Israel today, it searches an important question: do the artifacts we discover in Israel bear any resemblance to what we read about in the Gospels?

Travel with the Faithlife Film crew to discover recent finds that are shedding light on the life and ministry of Jesus:

  • A first-century tomb
  • The “Jesus boat” and “Jesus house”
  • A synagogue reading stand that Jesus likely used
  • The ancient town of Bethsaida
  • Roman crucifixion nails
  • And more

The complete miniseries is available right now for free.

Unlock it with a 30-day trial of Faithlife TV and get instant access—not only to the miniseries, but to over 1,000 other Christian documentaries, movies, and even kids shows.

Start your free trial now to discover how recent archaeological finds continue to support the Gospel accounts.  

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Written by Logos Staff
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