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7 Ways Logos 7 Will Revolutionize Your Personal Bible Study

You study the Bible because you love it, not just because you’re “supposed” to; you genuinely enjoy your time diving deep in the Word. Experiencing those “aha!” moments, discovering obscure inter-testamental connections, unearthing layers of meaning in original languages and historical-cultural contexts, and gleaning ageless wisdom from theologians throughout history—nothing thrills you like studying, really studying the Bible.

We want to fuel that passion! Here are seven ways Logos 7 will help you get more out of the Bible study you love.

1. Invest once, keep forever

For us book nerds (that’s a label that I happily embrace!) there’s just something special about shelves brimming with our own books. And when they’re books we cherish, we don’t mind (and actually sort of enjoy) the significant investment our little libraries represent. But physical books can be borrowed and lost, spilled on, burned up, or chewed to bits, and there’s no getting that investment back. (I don’t know of any bookstore that’ll replace a book that’s been lost or destroyed.)

But when you purchase a Logos resource, it’s yours forever. Because what you’re buying isn’t the digital file, you’re getting the license to the resource. So even if the way you access it changes, your ability to access will never go away. We always provide free updates to ensure you have access to your books. Once you own a logos resource, it’s yours to keep. That goes for a single book—even a free download!—or an entire library.

2. Do deeper study in less time

In many ways, technology has made superhumans of us all, enhancing the speed and complexity at which we can accomplish a myriad of tasks, including Bible study. There was a time when the thoughtful Christian, thirsty for God’s truth, devoted hours poring over dusty tomes and rifling through scores of books, only to yield a few life-giving drops of insight.

Logos is like hooking up a firehose; you get more insight, more inter-textual connections, more “aha!” moments, more rifling and page flipping, without the actual tome-toting and page-flipping. (Not to mention the dust and papercuts you’d be spared.)

How much time can Logos actually save you? Well, let’s imagine how long might it take you to search a 1,000-book library for every relevant comment on a given passage, to scour more than a dozen Bibles, including Greek and Hebrew, and to organize all that research into consumable information. Even with a preposterously low estimate of five minutes per book, such an endeavor would take 83 hours, or almost three and a half days straight.

Logos does the searching and compiling for you, providing you thorough, curated research results—freeing you to just drink it in. Not only can you search your entire library in a matter of moments, Logos 7 has a variety of other tools and functionality that will save you time and make your Bible study more efficient, including Text Comparison, the Multiview Resource Panel, and the now more-versatile Passage Guide. You’ll do more in less time with Logos 7.

3. Study wherever you are

You probably have a few favorite study spots: your home office, a coffee shop, your back porch, the commute to and from work. But you can’t always have your library close at hand. And forget about lugging 25 boxes of books to the local Starbucks.

Fortunately, Logos is available on almost every mobile device: your Android phone or tablet, your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, even your Kindle Fire. With the Logos mobile app, you’ll have access to your entire library through the cloud, not to mention on-the-go studying with some of Logos’ most helpful tools. Plus your bookmarks, highlights, and notes sync instantly across your devices. So you can literally take your study with you, everywhere you go.

4. Keep studying on new technology

In this day and age, it seems like the latest and greatest technology and devices are obsolete 5 minutes after they drop. Yesterday’s hottest piece of tech becomes tomorrow’s glorified paper weight—or cat seat, in my house. But even as computers become more powerful and more portable, and operating systems undergo their umpteenth iterations, Logos will work on future devices and operating systems.

Even if you get a new computer a month from now, re-installing Logos on a new computer is a breeze. There’s no need to worry about how future device upgrades will impact your accessibility.

5. Enjoy digital-age access to timeless classics

Augustine. Luther. Edwards. Chesterton. Wesley. Spurgeon. Lewis. Everyone has his or her favorites: the go-to theological forefathers whose works still breathe life into personal study despite the centuries since their deaths.

There’s pleasure in simple reading and quiet contemplation of these works. But with Logos 7, you can interact with the timeless wisdom from these fathers of the faith in true twenty-first-century style. Study in your own language with hyperlinks directly to resources, lexicons, encyclopedias and more. Search within a particular work or corpus of works for every mention of “grace”, “salvation,” or any key topic. Click through Bible references to read the Scripture quote in context, without leaving the resource. And sharing insight is easier than ever: find a powerful quote and in a few clicks you’ll create and share a beautifully formatted quote image, complete with the author’s name and picture, all inside Logos.


Having theological classics is a gift for today’s Christians; experiencing these works with the power of digital advancements is a remarkable feat and hallmark of Logos 7.

6. Jump right in and hit the ground running

Logos is incredibly powerful, it can do so much, and with all that power and versatility, it can be a little hard to know where or how to start. That’s one reason we created Quickstart Layouts and the Courses Tool.

With Quickstart Layouts, you can choose from a selection of pre-formatted layouts, each one tailored for a different kind of Bible study task or style. You can even customize which resources and features open automatically, so you can dive into the Word the moment Logos boots up.

And with dozens of different plans to choose from, the Courses Tool helps you start your next topical study, book study, or theological investigation with the click of a button. You set your schedule, and the Courses Tool guides you through your chosen topic or book, portioning out the reading based on your chosen timeframe. Want to read through Calvin’s Institutes in a year, or work through an in-depth study of Grace in three weeks? The Courses Tool is your place to start. You can even get started with one of the Mobile Ed courses included in every base package.

7. Get support when you need it

Serious study means serious work, and learning to use Logos to its fullest is a fun endeavor. But on even the most exciting journeys, it’s nice to know help is available if and when you need it.

That’s why we’ve pulled together a wealth of support materials: videos and tutorials, articles, forums, all available for free. In fact, we publish tutorial blog posts every week, written by certified trainers and Logos Pros. Just check out the Training category!

It’s a blast to open up Logos and discover all the innovative, interactive, insight-delivering tools; we’re here to help you unlock and unleash the power of Logos.


These are just seven of the many ways Logos can impact the way you study and interact with God’s Word. Get more out of your Bible study and start using Logos today—visit our website or call 888-875-9491 for a personalized recommendation.

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