6 Reasons to Get a Logos Package

If you’ve never owned a Logos Bible Software package before—or you have but are looking for a higher Logos or a more denominationally focused package—there are several excellent reasons to consider making the move.

If you already have a Logos package and are wondering why you would want another one, hop down a few sections to Why would I want more than one package?

But if you don’t have a Logos package and might just be ready to dive in, keep reading—these six reasons might just convince you it could be one of the best decisions you’ll make this year.

Reason #1 – Your library goes where you go.

Whether you’re traveling and want to prepare for Bible study while at the hotel or you’re a pastor doing some research from a coffee shop, you’ll never have to carry a backpack full of books with you (or worry that you brought the right book). Your entire library goes with you. You can access all your books and resources from your mobile device and find answers in seconds, thanks to Logos’ intuitive search options.

Reason #2 – You can study quickly and thoroughly.

Logos helps you do in minutes what would usually take hours with paper books, such as:

      • Word studies on important theological words
      • Inductive Bible studies of biblical passages
      • Translation comparisons
      • And more

That’s because Logos resources are all integrated with each other. With a click, you can find just the right Bible dictionary entry or cross-reference—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Logos offers unparalleled Bible study technology to eliminate busywork without sacrificing quality.

Reason #3 – You can access credible resources.

Logos doesn’t let just any book in. Our team of resource experts hand-select trusted, scholarly works so that you know you’re learning from qualified teachers.

Not that every author has the same position—our resources hold a wide variety of perspectives (although keep reading to learn how you can shop by tradition or denomination). Rather, we make sure the books we provide are credible resources for biblical studies.

That way, you know you can trust what you find. (Read more about what we publish and promote here.)

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Why would I want more than one package?

Reason #1 – Additional packages are the best way to add a load of content to your library.

If you were to buy the resources in a package separately, you’d spend thousands of dollars more than if you buy them together in a package. Plus, even if you have, for instance, Logos Silver, you don’t have all the powerful features in Logos. When you upgrade to Logos Gold, every single feature kicks in—not to mention more books.

And because in Logos all your resources are interlinked, you’ll have broad coverage of topics and verses in the Bible.

Reason #2 – You can build a library that matches your convictions.

You may be solidly in a particular theological camp, but a library from a different tradition could still be helpful for your study. Each tradition-specific library has unique strengths, and you may be able to get a great deal on resources you’ve been hunting for in a library you never would have considered.

Reason #3 – With Dynamic Pricing, you’ll save even more.

With Dynamic Pricing, you’ll never pay for resources you already own a second time (which means an even lower price)—you only pay for the resources that are new to you. As a Logos package owner, you could potentially save hundreds (even thousands!) of dollars. You won’t lose any features or books—you’ll only add to them.


Whether you’re upgrading your current package or getting Logos for the first time, there’s never been a better time to snag Bible software for a great price. Plus, you can spread out your investment with an interest-free payment plan at checkout—any order over $100 qualifies.*

*Logos charges a monthly fee of $5.99 to cover administrative costs.

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Written by
Karen Engle

Karen Engle is a copy editor for Faithlife. She has a master's in biblical studies and theology from Western Seminary and frequently takes groups to Israel.

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Written by Karen Engle
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