5 Seminary-Level Audio Courses to For Your Morning Commute

If you’ve been blessed enough to go to Bible school or have taken seminary courses, you know the joy of prolonged seasons of structured theological learning.

And you probably miss them now that they’re over. If you had the time, you’d love to sit in on a class once again.

With Mobile Ed lectures in Faithlife Audio, you can.

Here are five seminary-level courses you can download right now—fresh with the launch of Faithlife Audio.

So stock up on these and other courses, then press play and relive the joys of seminary (without the homework).

The History of Christianity in the United States (audio)
Dr. Chris Armstrong

Get an introduction to the major movements, ideas, figures, and events in American Church history, from colonization to recent decades. Learn how the Church reinvented and reaffirmed its central identity in the face of many social changes, and discover the implications of American Church history for Christian life and ministry in today’s culture.

The World of Jesus and the Gospels (audio) with Dr. Craig A. Evans

Gain clarity in your reading of the Gospels with a study of the intertestamental period. The decline of the Persian Empire, the rise of Alexander the Great, Israel’s military engagements and religious movements—the events between the final book of the Old Testament and the first Gospel are a backdrop for Christ’s appearance and the development of Christianity. Intertestamental history clarifies the context of the New Testament for a deeper, more robust understanding of Scripture.

Introducing Covenantal Apologetics I: Foundations (audio) with Dr. K. Scott Oliphint

What is covenantal apologetics and why do it? What is the basis for defending the Bible’s truths? Dr. Oliphint provides examples from the Old and New Testaments and uses the doctrines of Scripture, God, man, and salvation as a biblical warrant for apologetics.

Church Planting (audio) with Dr. Tim Sisk

Learn the biblical foundation for church planting as a work of the Spirit to call and empower believers to participate in the Great Commission. Study the methods and models used in biblical examples of church planting and examine church planting throughout history.

Empowering God’s People for Ministry (audio) with Dr. Greg Ogden

Study the concept of the “horizontal priesthood” of believers and their role as ministers to one another in the body of Christ. These lectures begin by considering what it means for the Church to be a living organism and how historic approaches to church leadership have failed to empower believers to minister. Ogden evaluates various models of ministry and proposes a way forward that involves God’s call to all believers, the essential ingredients for life transformation, and the role of all believers to be ministers.


Explore these and other seminary-level audio courses—and deepen your understanding of biblical theology, the Old and New Testament, and more!

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