3 Easy Ways to Connect with Mobile Ed and Top Biblical Scholars

Are you interested in engaging in daily discussions with top scholars? Are you interested in learning more and advancing your theological studies? Mobile Ed has lots of different ways to connect you with biblical and theological scholars. Here are just three ways to connect.

#1 Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are the best way to stay connected for news about new products including pre-pubs, community pricing, ship dates & sales! For giveaways, exclusive discounts, and free access to Mobile Ed courses from time to time, follow the Logos Mobile Ed Lecture Hall.

#2 Faithlife Author Groups

Do you want to engage in theological discussions with top scholars? Join Dr. Craig Blomberg as he guides Mobile Ed students through Book Study: 1 Corinthians (NT334), engage in spiritual conversations with Dr. Darrell Bock, or study Hebrews with Dr. Mark Futato in Faithlife Author Groups. Many Mobile Ed Professors have a Faithlife Author Group.

Search for your favorite author and start following their Faithlife Author Group today!

#3 Faithlife TV

Did you know you can stay connected to Mobile Ed anytime, anywhere with Faithlife TV? Your Mobile Ed courses are available to view on TV with Roku or Apple TV, on the go with your Android, iPhone, or iPad, or on any computer at FaithlifeTV.com. For a limited-time, you can unlock thousands of hours of biblical video for your entire church with a free 14-day trial. Enjoy unlimited streaming of the entire Mobile Ed Video and Faithlife TV+ catalog for every member in your church.

Try risk-free!

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Liz Melton
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Written by Liz Melton
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