3 Cost-Effective Ways to Build Your Dream Library with Logos

Whether you’re a pastor, a lay leader, an academic, or someone who just really loves studying the Bible, chances are your first consideration when building a Logos library is budget. Similarly, the question that always follows is, “How do I construct a library and get the biggest bang for my buck?”

There are many approaches to this, but here are the three best ways to build a Logos library on a budget.

1. Snag hundreds of resources at prices even Amazon can’t beat.

If you break down the value of our Logos 7 base packages you’ll see you can get hundreds of resources for just a few dollars per volume. That means you could get best-selling series like the Pillar New Testament Commentary, BDAG, The Bible Speaks Today, the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, and the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary—all at a substantial discount (about 90% on average).

Often you can purchase whole libraries for the price of a couple of sets—in the end saving you hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars compared to buying them all individually.

Own a previous version of Logos? Even better! When you get a Logos 7 base package, you keep your current library, and add hundreds of additional resources to it—and you don’t pay for any resources you already own.

Get a base package recommendation.

2. Save on your favorite commentary set—and get hundreds of other books at no extra cost.

Even if you already own a Logos 7 library and you’re looking to expand it with specific resources, start by looking through base packages. You’re bound to find a base package with many of the resources you’re looking for.

Say you own Logos 7 Gold and you want the Hermeneia Commentary Series. Normally you’d spend $1,299.99 to get the full set. However, if you added a Logos 7 Lutheran Gold library to your current library, you’d only spend $976.34. You’d get Hermeneia and hundreds of additional resources for less than the price of purchasing the set on its own!

I recommend browsing through our various base package families to find the library that includes the resources you most want. Each base package family has it’s own unique strengths.

  • Logos 7 Anglican Libraries are rich with church history resources like the Early Church Fathers (37 vols), 20 volumes from the Classics of Western Spirituality, and the Collected Homilies of St. John Chrysostom.
  • The Logos 7 Baptist line-up focuses on preaching and ministry with resources such as the David Platt Sermon Archive (334 sermons), the Founder’s Press Ministry collection, and the New American Commentary series.
  • The Logos 7 Reformed libraries focus on theology with collections like the 13-volume Gospel According to the Old Testament Series, the Eerdmans D.A. Carson Collection, and 11 volumes from the Works of Jonathan Edwards.

Even if you don’t belong to any of those theological traditions, it’s still smart to browse their libraries. You just might be able to get that set of resources you’ve had your eye on—and hundreds of other books you’ll love—for less than the price of getting it on its own!

Check out all of the denominational line-ups to see what you may be missing.

3. Beef up your library with new Logos 7 Library Expansions

When studying the Bible, sometimes you get really engrossed in a certain topic. It consumes your mind and you want to become as well versed as possible.

That’s why we’ve curated the Logos 7 Library Expansions on 21 topics such as biblical interpretation, gospel studies, pastoral care, apologetics, church history, and more. 

With these expansions you’ll get bundle pricing, saving you nearly 80% off the cost purchasing these resources on their own. And you can get an additional 15% off when you purchase it with any Logos 7 product. If you’re a Logos Now member, you’ll save 20%!

Already have Logos 7? If you purchased before November 28, you can still save 15% on these library expansions (20% if you are a Logos Now member) through December 31! Your discount is only available for one transaction so make sure you get all your favorite bundles while you still have the chance.

Deepen your study of your favorite topics–check out all of the Logos 7 Library Expansions today!


Ready to build your library with a Logos 7 base package? You can get introductory pricing for a limited time. Go to Logos.com/Get-7 for a personalized base package recommendation.

Written by
Taylor Blomquist

Taylor is the Marketing Manager for Logos Bible Software. He loves spending time with his family, discussing theology, and playing golf.

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Written by Taylor Blomquist
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