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Clippings are the digital equivalent of index cards for note-taking. They allow you to extract and store excerpts from any resource to use later. Like Notes, Clippings consist of multiple, individual "clippings" inside a single "Clippings Document." However, unlike Notes, Clippings are set up to integrate with bibliographies and passage lists.

Learn how to use clippings in Logos

Easy to use digital index cards

Create new clippings while you read

Creating a new clipping is as simple as right-clicking your selected text and clicking Add a clipping. You can even save your new clipping to an existing clippings document!

Organize your clippings with tags

Since tags are created by you, they make it easy to organize your clippings in whatever way suits your needs. Want to add a tag for a particular topic or theme? No problem. Want to tag clippings with the Mobile Ed course you’re working through? Easy.

Save your clippings as a passage list or bibliography

You can quickly and easily create a bibliography or passage list from your clippings document. It only takes a couple of clicks.

All your clippings on your phone or tablet

Just select text and tap Clipping to create a new clipping, or—since your clippings are synced with your Logos account and are available no matter which device you’re using—open an existing clipping document from the main menu.


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