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What's New in Logos 8

Get New Logos 8 Features at a Great Value

Did you know you can upgrade your software without buying new books? Get the Logos 8 features you’re missing at a custom price that ensures you only pay for what’s new to you.

Logos 8 Starter Feature Upgrade

Get a limited selection of Logos 8 features including the new Library and Resource Panels.


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Logos 8 Bronze Feature Upgrade

Get a selection of Logos 8 features including the new Documents and Notes tools and the Systematic Theology Guide.


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Logos 8 Full Feature Upgrade

Get all the features of Logos 8. That includes Workflows, Canvas, Search Templates, and over 40 other new tools and datasets.


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The Right Tool Is Always in Reach

We’ve created dozens of new features to improve your Bible study. Get them all in the Logos 8 Full Feature Upgrade.


Choose the type of study you need to do, and Logos walks you through each step, pulling together the books and tools you need along the way.

“Logos 8’s new Workflows build the study process step-by-step, making the power of Logos accessible to everyone, even those new to studying the Bible.”

— Mark, Logos user since 2001

Available in Starter and above

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Work the biblical text with intuitive tools for breaking down, arranging, and marking up a passage.

“Canvas is very cool. This is a great, hands-on way to understand and present the truths of Scripture.”

— Andrew, Logos user since 2014

Available in Bronze and above

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Library Management

New filters make it easy to organize and find books in your library. Filter by books on Revelation, narrow to Reformed writers, and add more filters to pinpoint what you need.

“Faceted library browsing is going to be one of my favorites. It makes it so much easier to find what I need in my library.”

— Lynden, Logos user since 2012

Available in Starter and above

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Plus Lots of Other New Features

And these are just the highlights. There are dozens of tools and features included in the Full Feature Set.

  • Home Page

    Get started fast with study templates, reading plans, video courses, and other essential resources. They're all available with a click, right from the Logos Home Page.

  • Custom Guides

    Create your perfect guide with ease. Pick and choose your favorite parts from each guide, and combine them into a custom guide. Or launch a single section as a stand alone guide.

  • Documents

    Create, organize, and share your notebooks, Workflows, searches, passage lists, and much more. Share your expertise, and tap into a braintrust of fellow bible study enthusiasts.

  • Notes

    Capture your thoughts on any passage, and they'll automatically stick to the verses your studying. Pull related research together into notebooks, and share them with friends.

  • Library

    New filters make it easy to find just what you need in a few clicks. Filter by every book on the Gospel of John, narrow to Reformed writers, and add more filters to pinpoint just what you need.

  • Resource Panel

    The updated Resource Panel makes it easy to navigate to a particular section of the open text and see personal notes, highlights, and documents anchored to the open resource.

  • Theology Guide

    Get a quick overview of a theological concept and how it relates to other doctrines. See how your systematic theologies and other resources treat a theological topic.

  • Important Passages

    Discover an exhaustive list of verses related to your biblical passage. Logos instantly shows you which cross-references have the strongest relationship to your passage—and exactly how they relate.

  • Important Words

    Enter the passage you’re studying and instantly see the most discussed or debated original language terms. Then launch a bible word study to continue your research.

  • Search Templates

    Pinpoint anything in Scripture just by filling out a quick form. Need to find everywhere Jesus speaks about money? Choose "A person speaks about something," fill out a couple fields of info, and see comprehensive results in seconds.

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Upgrade your features now. You’ll keep your current library and features and only pay for what’s new to you.


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