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Internet for Christians

por Schultze, Quentin J.

Gospel Films 1996

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Internet for Christians
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The Internet is a worldwide network of computer networks accessible to tens of millions of people and growing rapidly. Christians can use it to:

  • Communicate quickly and inexpensively with other believers
  • Conduct theological and Bible study free of charge
  • Access free daily devotionals for all ages and spiritual levels
  • Keep up on Christian periodicals for little or no cost
  • Meet new friends, colleagues and believers around the globe
  • Publish and sell your own articles, books and commentaries
  • Take credit and non-credit courses at seminaries and colleges
  • Access free Bible translations in many languages
  • Send mail effortlessly to hundreds of ministries
  • Follow concerts and activities of many Christian artists
  • Get up-to-date missions information, communicate with missionaries worldwide
  • Search for jobs posted by churches and Christian organizations
  • Browse Christian book catalogs and communicate online with the authors
  • Select and purchase online Christian videos, Bible software and rent Christian films
  • And much more!

Product Details

  • Title: Internet for Christians
  • Author: Quentin J. Schultze
  • Publisher: Gospel Films Publications
  • Publication Date: 1996