Product Guide for Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls in Logos

Sectarian, or non-Biblical, Texts

Logos currently offers two editions of the non-Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls material: the Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts and The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition.

The Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts contains a transcription of nearly every Hebrew and Aramaic fragment, even those that are so fragmentary as to be untranslatable, for the sake of assembling as complete a collection as possible. The words also contain morphology tags based on the same system used by the Westminster Theological Seminary to tag the Hebrew Bible, and lexical form tags to assist in looking the Hebrew and Aramaic words up in lexicons. In addition, the Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts includes a glossary of those words which will not be found in standard Biblical Hebrew lexicons, or that may be found in the Hebrew Bible, but are used in a different sense than that attested in the biblical literature.

In comparison, The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition only includes those fragments that are substantial enough to translate into something meaningful. The Study Edition is not morph- or lexical form-tagged, but does include a complete, fresh English translation of all the scrolls and complete bibliographic information on each scroll, including cross-references to related manuscripts.

The Logos editions of these resources use two different 'data types' to describe citations to the Dead Sea Scroll material, in order to accurately reflect the different naming schemes used and editorial decisions made in the two editions, but data type milestones for both editions have been included in The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition, allowing the two editions to link and scroll together. These two editions of the Dead Sea Scrolls complement each other well.

In addition to these editions which include transcriptions of the Hebrew and Aramaic scrolls, Logos also offers an edition of the non-Biblical or Sectarian literature in an English translation. Geza Vermes' The Dead Sea Scrolls in English is available as part of the Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls Collection (12 vols.).

Biblical Texts

English Translations

Other Resources

The glossary that is included with the Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts does not duplicate the information found in the Biblical Hebrew lexicons, making the following lexicons useful additions for working with the Dead Sea Scrolls:

An introduction to the Aramaic found in the Dead Sea Scrolls is contained in:

The following books about the Dead Sea Scrolls are also available:

The Dead Sea Scrolls contain two or three Targum fragments (4QtgLev, 4QtgJob and 11QtgJob - some scholars disagree with the identification of 4QTgLev as a Targum). More general information on the Targums can be found here. For information on the Logos edition of the Targums from the files of the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Project, including 4QtgJob and 11QtgJob, click here.

Finally, Logos has prepublication specials on a number of collections that may be of interest to the student of the Dead Sea Scrolls. As enough orders come in to cover production costs, the prepublication deals will go into production: