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Bible Study Library Contents

Resources in Bible Study Library


Bible Study Library gives you the tools you need to dig deep into Scripture, with almost 275 resources worth nearly $4,000.00 in print.

Bible Study Library comes with everything you see here!

English Bibles

  • American Standard Version
  • Darby Bible 1890
  • Douay–Rheims Bible
  • English Standard Version
  • GOD’S WORD Translation
  • Holman Christian Standard Bible
  • International Standard Version: New Testament
  • King James Version
  • King James Version Apocrypha
  • King James Version: Cambridge Paragraph Bible
  • Lexham English Bible: New Testament
  • The Message
  • New American Standard Bible: 1995 Update
  • New Century Version
  • New International Reader’s Version
  • New International Version
  • New King James Version
  • New Living Translation
  • New Revised Standard Version
  • Revised Standard Version
  • The NET Bible
  • Today’s New International Version
  • Young’s Literal Translation

Interlinear Bibles2

  • ESV English–Greek Reverse Interlinear of the New Testament
  • ESV English–Hebrew Reverse Interlinear of the Old Testament
  • KJV Cambridge Paragraph English–Greek Reverse Interlinear
  • KJV Cambridge Paragraph English–Hebrew Reverse Interlinear
  • KJV English–Greek Reverse Interlinear
  • KJV English–Hebrew Reverse Interlinear
  • LEB English–Greek Reverse Interlinear
  • NASB95 English–Greek Reverse Interlinear
  • NASB95 English–Hebrew Reverse Interlinear
  • NIV English–Greek Reverse Interlinear1
  • NIV English–Hebrew Reverse Interlinear1
  • NKJV English–Greek Reverse Interlinear
  • NKJV English–Hebrew Reverse Interlinear
  • NLT English–Greek Reverse Interlinear1
  • NLT English–Hebrew Reverse Interlinear1
  • NRSV English–Greek Reverse Interlinear
  • NRSV English–Hebrew Reverse Interlinear

Bible Commentaries

  • Bible Exposition Commentary (23 Vols.)
  • Bible Knowledge Commentary
  • Commentary Critical and Explanatory on Whole Bible (JFB)
  • Discovering John
  • Holman Concise Bible Commentary
  • Commentary on the Bible by Matthew Henry
  • Opening Up Commentary Collection (30 Vols.)
  • St. Paul the Traveller and Roman Citizen
  • Teacher’s Commentary

Bible History and Culture

  • A Popular Account of Ancient Egyptians (2 Vols.)
  • Bible History: Old Testament, by Alfred Edersheim
  • Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, by Alfred Edersheim
  • New Manners and Customs of the Bible
  • Sketches of Jewish Social Life, by Alfred Edersheim
  • The Temple, by Alfred Edersheim

Bible Reference

  • 131 Christians Everyone Should Know
  • 4,000 Questions and Answers on the Bible
  • Collin’s Thematic Thesaurus of the Bible
  • Dictionary of Bible Themes
  • Easton’s Bible Dictionary
  • Exhaustive Dictionary of Bible Names
  • Figures of Speech Used in the Bible, by E. W. Bullinger
  • Harper’s Bible Dictionary
  • Holman Bible Atlas: A Complete Guide to the Expansive Geography of Biblical History
  • Holman Bible Handbook
  • Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
  • Holman Treasury of Key Bible Words
  • Merriam–Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed.
  • Merriam–Webster Collegiate Thesaurus
  • NAS Exhaustive Concordance
  • New Bible Dictionary
  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
  • Who’s Who in Christian History
  • Wiersbe’s Expository Outlines on the New Testament
  • Wiersbe’s Expository Outlines on the Old Testament

Bible Introductions and Surveys

  • Bible Reader’s Companion
  • Exploring the Basics of the Bible
  • Exploring the New Testament
  • Exploring the Old Testament
  • General Introduction to the Bible
  • Handbook to Bible Study
  • Holman Quick Source Guide to Understanding the Bible
  • How to Choose a Bible Version
  • How to Study the Bible, by John MacArthur
  • Introducing the New Testament
  • Introducing the Old Testament
  • Keys to the Bible’s Treasures
  • New Nave’s Topical Bible
  • New Topical Textbook
  • Old Testament Survey Series: The Books of History
  • Old Testament Survey Series: The Major Prophets
  • Old Testament Survey Series: The Minor Prophets
  • Old Testament Survey Series: The Pentateuch
  • Old Testament Survey Series: The Wisdom Literature and Psalms
  • Survey of Old Testament Introduction
  • That’s Easy for You to Say: Your Quick Guide to Pronouncing Bible Names, 3rd ed.
  • The Bible Guide
  • The Summarized Bible: Complete Summary of the New Testament
  • The Summarized Bible: Complete Summary of the Old Testament
  • The Teacher’s Bible Commentary
  • Why Four Gospels?
  • Willmington’s Book of Bible Lists

Biblical Studies

  • Bible Lessons International Collection (17 Vols.)
  • Jesus Christ The Greatest Life
  • New Testament Studies Collection (7 Vols.)

Maps, Photos and Media

  • 1,000 Bible Images
  • BiblePlaces.com Image Library
  • Biblical People
  • Biblical Places
  • Biblical Things
  • Earthly Footsteps of the Man of Galilee
  • Holbein’s Bible Woodcuts
  • Holman Book of Biblical Charts, Maps and Reconstructions
  • Images from A Dictionary of the Bible
  • Images from An Illustrated History of the Holy Bible
  • Images from The Bible Hand–Book
  • Images from The Illustrated Bible Treasury
  • Images from The People’s Bible Encyclopedia
  • Images of the Holy Lands
  • Logos Bible Software Infographics
  • Logos Bible Software Maps
  • Logos Deluxe Map Set
  • Logos Digital Hymnal
  • Stereoscopic Images of the Middle East
  • The Bible and Its Story (10 Vols.)
  • Traveling in the Holy Land through the Stereoscope
  • Traveling in the Holy Land through the Stereoscope: Media Resource

Preaching and Teaching

  • All the Questions in the Bible
  • Encyclopedia of 7,700 Illustrations
  • Great Quotations
  • Pilgrim’s Progress


  • Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood
  • Biblical Foundations for Small Group Ministry
  • Big Book of Small Groups
  • Diving for Pearls in God’s Treasure Chest
  • Getting Together
  • Good Things Come in Small Groups
  • Handbook to Prayer
  • In His Steps
  • Necessity of Prayer
  • Power through Prayer
  • Prayer: Basic Training
  • Seven Myths about Small Groups
  • Small Group Idea Book
  • Small Group Leaders’ Handbook: The Next Generation
  • Starting (and Ending) a Small Group
  • Training of the Twelve
  • True Evangelism


  • Different by Design
  • Fulfilled Family


  • Alone with God
  • Amazing Grace: 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories
  • Be What You Are
  • Christian’s Secret of a Holy Life
  • Drawing Close to God
  • Fourfold Gospel
  • Growing in Christ
  • Imitation of Christ
  • Morning and Evening
  • My Utmost for His Highest
  • Thoughts for the Quiet Hour


  • Biblical Ethics, by Oswald Chambers
  • Concise Theology
  • Ethics for a Brave New World
  • Following Christ
  • Great Doctrines of the Bible (3 Vols.)
  • Institutes of the Christian Religion, by John Calvin
  • Moral Foundations of Life
  • Survey of Bible Doctrine, by Charles Ryrie
  • Systematic Theology, by Charles Hodge

Church History

  • Exploring Church History
  • Studies in Early Church History


  • Apologetics Study Bible
  • Basic Questions on Alternative Medicine: What Is Good and What Is Not?
  • Basic Questions on End of Life Decisions: How Do We Know What’s Right?
  • Basic Questions on Sexuality and Reproductive Technology: When Is it Right to Intervene?
  • Basic Questions on Suicide and Euthanasia
  • Christianity on the Offense
  • Defending Your Faith
  • Difficulties in the Bible: Alleged Errors and Contradictions
  • Engaging the Closed Mind
  • Soul of Science


  • Book of Common Prayer Lectionary
  • Catholic Lectionary
  • Christian Worship One Year Lectionary
  • Christian Worship Three Year Lectionary (with Supplemental Lectionary)
  • Lutheran Service Book Historic (One Year) Lectionary
  • Lutheran Service Book Three Year Lectionary
  • Revised Common Lectionary
  • Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings
  • United Methodist Revised Common Lectionary

Parallel Passages and Harmonies

  • A Harmony of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles, by WIlliam Day Crockett
  • A Harmony of the Gospels, by A .T. Robertson
  • A Harmony of the Synoptic Gospels
  • Harmony of the Gospels
  • Gospel Synopsis, by Jeffrey Glen Jackson
  • Jude–2 Peter, by Jeffrey Glen Jackson
  • Old Testament Allusions
  • Old Testament Quotes in the New Testament (HCSB)
  • Pastoral Epistles, by Rick Brannan
  • Records of the Life of Jesus
  • Synopsis of the Old Testament, by Jeffrey Glen Jackson

Original Languages Grammars and Tools

  • Glossary of Morpho–Syntactic Database Terminology

Original Languages Lexicons

  • Dictionary of Biblical Languages (Aramaic)
  • Dictionary of Biblical Languages (Greek)
  • Dictionary of Biblical Languages (Hebrew)
  • NAS Greek–Hebrew Dictionary (2 Vols.)
  • Strong’s Concise Dictionary of the Words of the Hebrew Bible and the Greek Testament
^1. License included with purchase. Files coming soon.
^2. Reverse interlinears are not separate resources. They are integrated into the corresponding Bibles in your library.
Last Updated: 10/5/2011