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How much will my Faithlife Connect level cost after my trial ends?

Subscription rates vary depending on your plan and billing term. To check which level you selected, visit See below for a complete pricing list for all Faithlife Connect levels and billing terms.

Plan Monthly Price Annual Price
Starter $8.99 $89.90
Essentials $14.99 $149.90
Premiere $24.99 $249.90

How do I avoid losing access to Faithlife Connect when my trial ends?

Enter your credit card information and check auto-renew on your subscription management page:

  1. Visit
  2. Locate your Faithlife Connect subscription and click Edit Subscription
  3. Click Add Payment Method
  4. Enter payment information
  5. Click Save
  6. Click Start auto-renew

How do I change my Faithlife Connect level?

After your free trial period is over, visit to select a different level. Note: you will not be able to switch levels until your free trial period is over.

Will I be billed after my free trial is over?

If you do not have auto-renew enabled, you will not be charged. To check the auto-renew status of your Faithlife Connect subscription, visit