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Take the Bible Study Challenge

Learn a proven method for understanding the biblical writers’ original meaning—and how to bridge the gap from ancient context to everyday life. In this 10-day course, you’ll put essential Bible study skills into practice as you work step-by-step through a guided study on the book of Jonah.

Gain confidence in your study

Learn simple ways to utilize the techniques pastors and biblical scholars rely on every day.

Enrich your experience of Scripture

Identify important details in the text you might otherwise miss.

Apply biblical truth to everyday life

Draw out application for real life, and share what you learn with others.

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See What Others Are Saying

“I have learned so much . . . And the best part: I can't wait to start my day with God.”—Nancy Ho

“I will likely review it again and I'm sure I'll be ‘thumbing’ back for years to come. I really believe I can now do my own study and discover my own insights. Thank you.”—Mike Savant

“This challenge has been so helpful. It's been a great spiritual growth experience to boot.”—Pamela

“Thank you for a brilliant, God-glorifying challenge.”—Ron

“I have used other methods for studying the Bible, but by using Logos, I feel that this will be a new launching pad. I am looking forward to reaching new heights.”—Frankie Kelly

Bring Scripture to Light

Uncover the wonder of the Word with Logos 7

Logos 7 Gold

Logos 7 makes it easier than ever to take a closer look at God’s Word. Choose from pre-made layouts tailored for specific types of study and common Bible study tasks—every book you need is open and ready to go. Just open a passage, and Logos automatically pulls in only the most relevant excerpts from across all your books. Or choose from hundreds of topical studies that pull together book passages and media on biblical books, doctrines like the atonement, or biblical people like Abraham.

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