Darrell Bock: The Expert on Luke-Acts

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Darrell Bock

What's the only book of the Bible with an official, divinely inspired sequel? The Gospel of Luke, which concludes with the book of Acts.

And who should you read if you want to understand Luke's magnum opus?

Darrell Bock.

In the same way serious students of the Word turn to Douglas Moo's scholarship for his expertise on Romans, they turn to Darrell Bock for a thorough understanding of Luke-Acts. But his expertise doesn't end there. As professor of spiritual development and culture at Dallas Theological Seminary, he's demonstrated a passion for Christian growth, and that priority is expressed throughout his writings.

This month, we're highlighting the contributions of this pillar of contemporary evangelical scholarship. Explore Luke-Acts and many other subjects with Bock's expert guidance through this selection of some his best resources.

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