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Windows XP (or higher) OS X 10.5.8 (or higher)


Logos 4.0+


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Step 1: Configuring Logos for Automatic Download

Logos BIble Software uses a powerful Automatic Download & Update feature to keep all of your books up to date and download any new books your purchase. All you need is an active internet connection, and use the default internet settings for Logos. Follow the steps below, to ensure your Logos is configured to download your books automatically.

Note: These instructions assume you've already installed the Logos application. If you haven't click here.

  1. Open Logos Bible Software
  2. Go to Tools>Program settings and make sure you have "Use Internet" and "Automatically download updates" set to Yes (this is the default setting).

Step 2: Make your Purchase

With Logos configured to download automatically, you're ready to begin. Just pick any downloadable product and follow through the cart process or talk to any of our sales staff at 1(800)875-6467.

Already purchased something before installing Logos? No problem. Your purchase was automatically included in your original resource download. This includes your base package and any previous collections from the older Libronix DLS application.

Step 3: Downloading your Books

Once your purchase is complete, follow the steps below to download your new books.

  1. Open Logos Bible Software if it isn't open already.
  2. Wait for your download to begin. This may take a few minutes, depending on your internet speed and the amount of data being downloaded.
    • When the download begins, a small Logos icon will appear in your System Tray, by the clock.
    • Mac users will see this at the top of their screen, on the Mac's menu bar.
    • Windows users will find it on the task bar, usually at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Hover over the Logos icon to observe the download progress.
  4. Once complete, you will be prompted to restart the Logos application. Close it and re-open it.
    • Logos will begin "Preparing your library" automatically, and proceed to indexing your new books when this is complete.
    • You will be able to access and read your new books immediately, but you will not receive full search results from these books until indexing is complete.

Your books should now be ready to use. If you have difficulty, please email Customer Support or call (800) 875-6467 for further assistance.