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Power Tools for Biblical Research

Logos 7 is fine-tuned for in-depth exegesis
and comprehensive research.

Smarter Greek and Hebrew Study

Logos gives you quick access to all the information you need for careful, comprehensive, and reliable Greek and Hebrew study. The Bible Word Study tool gathers usage data from Scripture and other ancient literature and presents it all in an intuitive and beautiful interface. See every place near synonyms are used to express a concept. Run a quick search in the Greek or Hebrew, and find other passages with similar original language constructions. Plus, the Exegetical Guide provides links to textual-critical, discourse, syntactical, and morphological data—including links to high-resolution photographs of major manuscripts.

Features: Bible Word Study Guide, Exegetical Guide, Textual Variants

Search a Seminary-Grade Library in Seconds

Type in any Bible passage and Logos instantly returns insights from resources across a carefully curated library of trusted scholarly resources. Find where ancient authors discuss your passage or topic, discover how major theologians have treated a given scriptural text, and pinpoint the journal articles most relevant to your study.

Features: Systematic Theologies, Biblical Theologies, Confessional Documents, and Journals sections in the Passage Guide

Visualize Scripture with Interactive Media

Explore the ancient world with interactive media, virtual tours, infographics, and more! Step into a first-century tomb and rediscover the significance of the resurrection for the Christian life. Connect biblical stories with their geographic context with an atlas complete with intuitive pan and zoom features. Create beautiful images, illustrated quotes, and more with the Media Tool—just click to share them with friends and family online.

Features: Before and After Slides, An Empty Tomb interactive, Atlas Tool, Media Tool

Careful Analysis, Accurate Results

Logos gives you the tools to search and analyze biblical texts, making it easy to compare major translations, search for precise morphological and semantic information, and even build custom concordances for textual analysis. See how a given person or place is referred to throughout Scripture and find every reference to a proper noun—whether it is pronominal or merely implied.

Features: Text Comparison, Clause Search, Referred to As section in the Factbook, Concordance Tool

Study the Bible in Context

Investigate how New Testament authors cite, quote, allude to, or echo Old Testament texts with the New Testament Use of the Old Testament interactive. Find revealing information about cultural concepts, research ancient literature, and consult the Timeline tool to place your study in historical context. Apply the insights of cognitive linguistics to your study with robust searches powered by data you can’t get anywhere else. And explore discourse genres in the New Testament with a new Genre Analysis dataset based on Robert Longacre’s widely used classification schema.

Features: New Testament Use of the Old Testament interactive, Speech Act and Sentence Type datasets, Longacre Genre Analysis dataset, Cultural Concepts, Ancient Literature, Timeline Tool