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Power Tools for Biblical Research

Logos 7 is fine-tuned for in-depth exegesis
and comprehensive scholarship.

Smarter Greek and Hebrew Study

Go beyond morphological search with a new dataset marking all of the speech acts in the New Testament as well as every sentence type. The Grammars section in the Exegetical Guide now searches your grammars for every reference to the passage you’re studying. New datasets help you quickly identify passages with parallel grammatical features. And now you can link a lexicon to a Bible for one-click access to Greek or Hebrew lexical information.

Features: Grammars Guide Section, Greek and Hebrew Grammatical Constructions, Speech Acts of the NT (and Sentence Types), Lexicon-Bible linkage

Careful Analysis, Accurate Results

Logos 7 now lets you build a concordance from any text in your library, revealing usage patterns you might otherwise miss. The massively revamped Text Comparison tool lets you scroll multiple Bible translations at once and automatically highlight their differences. And now you can search the Bible by “syntactic force”—for example, find every genitive, whether it’s qualitative or subjective. Plus, the new Speaking to God interactive marks all passages where people in the Bible address God, helping you quickly locate those passages by theme, literary type, and other key criteria.

Features: Text Comparison, Concordance, Lexham SGNT Syntactic Force dataset, Speaking to God, Addressee dataset

A Comprehensive Theological Library at Your Fingertips

New sections in the Passage Guide help you easily discover how major theologians have treated a given scriptural text in both their systematic and their biblical theologies. The brand new Confessional Documents section of the Passage Guide now links your passage to any confessions which include it, from the Three Forms of Unity to Anglican, Orthodox, Catholic, and ancient creeds.

Features: Systematic Theologies, Confessional Documents, and Biblical Theologies sections in the Passage Guide