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10-Day Challenge

Do I need to own Logos to take this course?

No. The course is designed to both teach Bible study methodology and how to use Logos. While you might not have the full experience, you will still learn a great deal about how to study the Bible and about Jonah.

I have a previous version of Logos. Do I need Logos 7?

No. But you will find it easier to navigate the software if you have Logos 6 or higher. If you’re interested in upgrading to a Logos 7 base package, you can find the option that best suits your needs here.

Why are my results different than those shown in the videos?

Your results may vary based on the resources you have in your library or specific settings in your program.

I already did the 10-Day Challenge on Matthew. How is this course different?

It follows the same process of 10 steps in the Observe, Interpret, Apply method of Bible study. If you have already gone through Learn to Study the Bible with Logos: Matthew 4:1-11, you will benefit from practicing this method with an Old Testament narrative, as well as learn to use new tools in Logos 7.